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How do I delete a project?
The app does not allow you to delete a project, however, you may deactivate a project upon completion. This will also hide all the project-specific CORs in the COR Log.
Why can’t I see my CORs?
The COR log shows CORs for projects that are currently classified as “Active” double check the project’s status to make sure it is “Active” and not “Inactive”.
How do I adjust the Project Rates in a project?
When creating a project, the default labor rates are auto-populated into the project. During step 1 (Project Info) of creating a new project, you can customize the rates as needed. If the project is already existing and labor rates are needing to be adjusted, simply edit your project and change the labor rates.
Why can’t I see all my projects?
Your project may be classified as “Draft” or “Inactive”, to view projects of all statuses, click the “Inactive” checkbox in the top right of the projects tab.
Why are the values in my existing CORs changing?
When you set up a project you are prompted to set the “Material-Misc” rate and the “subcontractor rates” (See Set 1 in Project Set up). If you change these rates, it will also change the dollar amounts in exiting CORs. We recommend that you double check these numbers during the setup of a project to eliminate any potential issues.
What is a T&M Authorization?
A T&M Authorization acts as a written agreement between the GC and Subcontractor for the specified T&M Work.
What is the live link which is sent out upon creation of the T&M Authorization?
Once signed by an authorized signer on the GC team, a link will be sent out to all designed individuals. This is a direct link to the existing COR. Those who have it can view the status and see the current dollar amount of the ticket.
How do I determine who gets emails with live links when T&M Authorizations are created?
All authorized Signers and the designated PM will receive an email with the Live Link. The live link contains the real-time status of the COR.
How do I decide who the PM is for my team?
There can only be one PM on each project, this individual is identified during the project set up. This individual is one of your company’s employees and is selected in Step 2 of the project set up.
What is an authorized signer?
An authorized signer is an individual on the General Contractors team that has the authority to sign off on T&M work.
How do I add or remove an authorized signer in a project?
Authorized Signers are selected during the project creation in the “General Contractor” section screen. To edit an authorized signer on an existing project, open the project and select edit. Click into the General Contractor section of the project set up and select or unselect authorized signer permissions for the appropriate individuals.
What is a bump rate?
The bump rate is optional and additional in house mark up on material.
Why are my CORs not updating when I make edits to them?
Make sure to save your changes by clicking “Update” within the COR after the changes are made.
Why can’t I edit a T&M COR?
T&M CORs can only be edited in the status of “Work in Progress”.
What is the difference between an update on a Fixed COR and a Revision?
Making updates to a fixed COR can only take place in Draft status. Updating a Fixed COR will allow you to edit the pricing fields, and will change the original version of the COR. Making a revision to a Fixed COR allows a user to create and send a revised COR. This is beneficial if you need to the edit scope of work or change pricing. Keep in mind that all revisions maintain the original COR number and are labeled with an additional letter (COR 1A, COR 1B, Etc.) this helps users keep track of what has been sent to General Contractors.
How do I download the app?
Visit the app store on your mobile device and search for “DataStreet” then download the app.
How do I reset my password?
Select “Forgot My Password” on the login screen and follow the steps.
How do I create a T&M authorization?
Select Project Number – Select “Create T&M Ticket” and complete the remaining fields. Present to GC Authorized Signer for their signature and authorization.
How do I know which project I am on?
When you are prompted to select a project from the dropdown list, select your desired project number and the name of the project will appear under the DataStreet Logo of your screen. You will also find the name of the project on the top of the screen while in Hour logs or Material Logs.
How do I create an Hour Log
Select Project Number – Select “Add Hour Log” – Choose the appropriate Ticket – Complete the required fields – Authorized Signer will need to Date, Sign and Accept your Terms.
How do I add multiple people to an Hour Log?
Follow the steps above, however, before you click “Continue” after adding your first employee to the hour log, you will need to select “Add Employee” to add an additional employee to the Hour Log.
How do I create a Material Log?
Select Project Number – Select “Add Material Log” – Choose the appropriate Ticket – Choose Category/Categories of Material that will appear in Log – Input the Quantity and Size – Click Continue (Please refer to Video (hyperlink video) for more details on this).
What is the Quantity on a Material Log Input?
(Please refer to Video (hyperlink video) for more details on this) This is the numeric value for how many of the item you used.
What is the Size on a Material Log Input?
(Please refer to Video (hyperlink video) for more details on this) This is the size of the material that you are inputting. This should correspond with the “Order Unit” that appears on material log. For example, if you are measuring by pieces, the size should be the length or square feet of the piece of material.
Why am I getting a Terms of Service error when creating a T&M Authorization?
Make sure that your company’s terms and agreement have been filled out. Select Set-Up, Terms and Agreement, and create these terms if they are blank.

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How do I add Licensed & Unlicensed Employees?

To add an employee you must be on the membership page. Keep in mind that only users with “Web” and or “Admin” access can access the membership page. Select “Add Employee” and complete the fields. You will be charged if you give the employee access to the program (Licensed Employee).

How do I add/remove/edit a Licensed Employees Access to the Web or Mobile?

From the membership page, click the edit (pencil) icon next to the users name and email, you will be brought into their employee profile. From here you can add or remove access by checking or unchecking the corresponding box.

How do I edit or change an employee’s email address?

The app does not allow for updating email addresses for employees. You will need to delete the employee then add them with the new email address.

How do I reset my password?

If you cannot log into the app because you have forgot your password you will need to select “Forgot My Password” on the sign in screen. Simply input your email address on file and you will receive a password reset email.

How do I change my password?

In the upper right-hand corner of the web platform you will find your name with a dropdown icon. Click the icon and select “Change Password”.

How do I edit or update billing information?

In the membership page, you will find “Update Billing” under your company name and customer ID number. Simply click “Update Billing” and enter in your new credit card information and click save.

What is Web/Mobile/Admin access?

ADMIN: Employees with Admin access can add – edit or delete users and assign WEB and or MOBILE access.

WEB: Web access is generally provided to Team Members / Project Managers who are responsible for the day to day management of a project. Employees with WEB access can also “Add” new Non-Licensed employees to the company’s employee database. WEB access does not provide the user with the ability to assign WEB or MOBILE access.

MOBILE: Mobile access gives a user the ability to log into the Mobile App and create/add to T&M Tickets.

What is the cancelation policy?

If your company decides to cancel their subscription, all your company’s data will be deleted and all users will have their access revoked. Your company will be reimbursed the remaining amount of the billing cycle minus a cancelation fee. Cancelation fee is: (Annual Members: Number of Licenses x $29 x 12 x 3% | Monthly Members: Number of Licenses x $32 x 3%). Expect 5-10 Business days for your reimbursement to be received, we use an outside payment processor and have no control over the timing of the reimbursement.