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Pricing Page FAQs

How do I know which plan is right for my company?

DataStreet offers flexibility payment options. You can pick from a Monthly billing cycle or save money by choosing an annual billing cycle.

Can I Increase or decrease the number of users on my account?

Yes, you can add or remove Licenses at any time through the membership page in the app.

What counts as a License?

Any individual who has web or mobile access.

Do I need to purchase multiple Licenses for a single user if I want to give them Access to Web, Mobile and/or make them an admin?

No, only one license is needed per user. An admin can select the appropriate access/accesses for the license when they are created.

When am I charged?

You will be charged upon the creation of your account. Your billing cycle will correspond with your selected plan. Any new license added during the billing cycle will be charged a prorated amount (If you add a license 6 months into an annual plan, you will only be charged for the remaining 6 months in the billing cycle).

Do I get my money back if I cancel a license?

If you elect to cancel a license you will not be reimbursed, the remaining funds will hold as a credit and be applied to your next billing cycle.

What is the cancelation policy?

If your company decides to cancel their subscription, all your company’s data will be deleted and all users will have their access revoked. Your company will be reimbursed the remaining amount of the billing cycle minus a cancelation fee. Cancelation fee is: (Annual Members: Number of Licenses x $29 x 12 x 3% | Monthly Members: Number of Licenses x $32 x 3%). Expect 5-10 Business days for your reimbursement to be received, we use an outside payment processor and have no control over the timing of the reimbursement.