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Time and Material Tracking App by DataStreet


Easily Create T&M Tickets

DataStreet’s Change Order Request “COR” Manager allows for the creation of T&M Tickets from your field crews and Fixed Price CORs from your Project Management Teams. The mobile app allows your field crew to quickly and easily create T&M Tickets from their Smart Phone or Tablet.

With a low learning curve to navigate through the app, it easily makes it the #1 time and material tracking app to manage change orders and eliminate the paperwork.

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Construction Time and Material App

When a new T&M Ticket Authorization is created, the mobile app accesses your job specific information from our web platform and automatically populates the Ticket. That information will include job specifics along with project labor rates, the name(s) of Authorized Signers from your GC and other critical information.

Preselected Authorized Signer for the GC can sign the T&M Ticket directly from a smartphone or tablet. Once the Ticket is signed, an emailed copy of the Authorization is sent to all team members who have been previously assigned to the distribution list for that specific project.

Time and Material Tracking Software for Contractors
Time and Material Forms for Construction

T&M Tracking App for Contractors
Track all Labor & Material Costs

Capture all labor expenses on a daily basis utilizing the app’s Daily Hour Log feature. Material, equipment & misc. expenses can be recorded on a daily basis as well or added in at a later time.

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Each Daily Hour LOG contains the employee names, classifications, hourly labor rates and the amount of hours worked each day per employee. By documenting and including this specific type of information in with your formal Change Order Request (COR) for your T&M work, you’re providing the GC with a complete record of all labor, material, equipment & misc. expenses related to each T&M ticket.

In addition, our mobile app allows your field crews to add and assign photos to a specific T&M Ticket. Photo back-up is essential when performing any type of repair – patch work.

Real Time COR LOG

View and update all T&M and Fixed Price CORs in real time from our Web Based COR Log.

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Each time a new T&M Ticket or Fixed Price COR is created, they’re automatically added to the COR Log. The COR Log allows your Project Management Team and/or Accounting team the ability to track, view and change the status of all CORs in real time, as opposed to waiting for paper tickets to make their way back to the office for processing.

Easily filter through and view CORs per Type, per Job, per Assigned COR Number, and Status. No more guessing the status of T&M Tickets or Fixed Price CORs. No more late, lost or damaged T&M Tickets that can cost you thousands of dollars each year.

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